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Nevada's Senator

Catherine Cortez Masto


Senator Catherine Cortez Masto has spent her career fighting to protect Nevada families. Prior to serving as Nevada’s senior Senator, Cortez Masto served two terms as Nevada’s Attorney General (AG), using her power to advocate for families, women, and seniors. She created a senior protection unit in the AG’s office, strengthened laws preventing sex trafficking and violence against women, and is a passionate advocate for middle-class families, consumers, and homeowners, helping them recover from the housing crisis by investigating and prosecuting fraudulent foreclosure and loan modification scams and fighting against foreclosure fraud. 

Running for her second term, incumbent Sen. Cortez Masto—the first woman from Nevada and the first Latina ever elected to the United States Senate—remains a strong advocate for women and children and is working to repair our broken immigration system and protect hardworking families as a cosponsor of the Dream and Promise Act. Additionally, she advocates in the Senate for strengthening our health care system and for protecting Medicare and Medicaid, as well as advocating for solutions to shortages in rural communities. Upon re-election, Sen. Cortez Masto will continue her life’s work of protecting the vulnerable and all of our working families.

Key to 2022:

  • Critical to maintaining Senate majority
  • DSCC Frontline 
  • State President Biden carried narrowly in 2020

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