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Arizona's 1st Congressional District

Jevin Hodge


Jevin Hodge is a millennial, Black community leader with a proven record of getting results for the district he’s dedicated his career to fighting for, helping businesses, non-profits, and government solve their most pressing issues. Born in Tempe to a single mother, Jevin saw firsthand how our government can help those who need it the most. Since then, he found meaning in public service and giving back by leading organizations like the Booker T. Washington Child Development Center, the longest-running Head Start program in Arizona. Through his service in the community, Jevin has seen firsthand the issues facing Arizona families. In Congress he wants to prioritize protecting voting rights, addressing income inequality and its root causes, fully funding public schools, and ensuring every Arizonan has healthcare. This competitive House seat will be a real pickup opportunity in a year that could be closer than ever and is a key district for Senator Mark Kelly’s re-election bid. If elected, he would be the first Black person to be elected to Congress from Arizona.


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