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Arizona's Senator

Ruben Gallego


Since serving our country as a Marine, Rep. Ruben Gallego has devoted his life to public service and to the idea that every American has the right to the American Dream. At every turn, he has stood up and advocated for Arizona values so that working families can live with dignity and offer a better life to their children. In the House, he is particularly proud of the work he has done to increase access to healthcare, support our veterans, protect our unions, and defend democracy in the face of relentless Republican challenges. He has also worked to strengthen our national security through his role as the Ranking Member of the Intelligence and Special Operations Subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee and bring federal funding and jobs home to Arizona.

Now, he is working to become Arizona’s next Senator to ensure Arizonans have a Senator who is always accessible and committed to fighting for them, not special interests. From Phoenix and Tucson to Flagstaff and Indian Country, he is eager to collaborate on pragmatic solutions to address the pressing issues we all face.

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