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Endorsement Strategy

We know that the MAGA movement and the Republican Party envision a society that’s only for themselves, where Jews and all other groups targeted by white supremacy cannot be safe. That’s why we’re marshaling the political resources of American Jews who are fighting for a just and equitable United States free from white supremacy, where Black liberation is realized, and all people — within and beyond our Jewish community — are thriving. We prioritize races with the potential to shift the balance of power in Washington and grow progressive power around the country.

If you’re running for federal office and seeking our endorsement, please read our strategy below and then contact us to request our questionnaire.

Endorsement Strategy:

  1. Prioritize candidates with the potential to help influence turnout and races in more than one branch of government. In 2024, we're most focused on Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Arizona.  
  2. Prioritize races where Jewish grassroots mobilization can make a difference on the ground. In 2024, we're focusing on key House races in New York and California, the Senate race in Ohio, and the Presidential contest in Georgia.
  3. Prioritize races that have implications for building progressive power. For example, in 2022 we worked to help elect progressive champion Summer Lee to PA-12 and in 2024 we’ll be working to keep her there. We will also be looking for the best progressive leaders to replace House Democrats who are leaving their seats, and mobilizing around seats currently held by Republicans where a progressive could win.


  • Raise Money for Candidates: Having enough resources is one of the key factors that will determine who wins in 2024. We’re working to raise money early in the cycle to be used in the general election.
  • Shift the National Narrative: Bend the Arc: Jewish Action looks for opportunities to have an outsized impact on the national narrative to demonstrate American Jewish opposition to the MAGA movement and investment in making this a country where all of us can be safe and free.
  • Grassroots Mobilization: In 2020, Bend the Arc volunteers across the country helped to take back the Presidency with nearly 5 million calls and texts sent to Jewish and swing voters. In the 2018 and 2022 midterms, our grassroots electoral work focused on voter mobilization efforts around the country, as well as efforts that people can plug into from any location. In 2024 our grassroots electoral work will continue to focus on voter mobilization efforts that people can join from anywhere.

You donate to help our diverse, progressive candidates win key elections.

They win! Our members build relationships and advocate for systemic change.

Our champions in Congress represent our values, change the narrative, and pass legislation.

Together, we shift the balance of power and build a country where everyone can thrive.

Endorsement Criteria:

Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC supports both current Members of Congress and those challenging incumbents for federal office. Candidates are evaluated based on their track record and positions championing issues including protecting and expanding democracy, racial justice, immigrant justice, economic justice, civil rights, and combating white nationalism and antisemitism.

Involvement in Non-Federal Races:

Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC only supports candidates for federal office and does not get involved in state and local elections.

Endorsement Process: 

Each potential endorsee fills out a detailed questionnaire about their background and views on Bend the Arc's core issues. Candidates who are moved forward in the process then interview with our PAC committee, which determines who receives an endorsement. Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC is currently considering federal candidates for the 2024 election cycle. If you are a candidate for federal office seeking endorsement, please email us at [email protected]

Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC supports candidates who will fight for a more just America

We invest in change by supporting candidates who share our vision for the future of this country, and are ready to fight for it.

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