days to kick white nationalists out of office.

Donate to candidates who are fighting to build a democracy where everyone can thrive, no matter what we look like or where we come from.

About us

Leadership Committee

We believe a new America is possible, and we are working to create it. Our collective actions this November will determine the long-term impact that the current political and moral crisis will have on our society, and our decisions as American Jews will shape the safety and character of our community for generations to come.

We have the power to dismantle white supremacy and build a future where everyone can participate fully in our multi-racial democracy and our economy. We aspire to transform our country into a place where everyone can live, love and thrive, and we see this vision of the future as a manifestation of our Jewish values. 

This is the time for us to join with our allies in other targeted communities to make a meaningful contribution by removing the leaders who seek power through division, fear and hatred — and electing leaders who are committed to building a society for everyone.

Our PAC Leadership Committee (PAC LC) ensures our endorsees have the resources they need to champion our values in Washington, D.C. All of the funds (100 percent) raised for our PAC go directly to candidates in the most competitive races and where political contributions will have the most strategic impact in determining the balance of power in Congress next year.

Members of our PAC LC are partners in developing our PAC’s strategy and receive invitations to all strategy sessions and screening interviews with prospective endorsees. Membership benefits also include our exclusive PAC newsletter and free advice on all political contributions to ensure your funds are having the biggest impact and achieving their desired outcomes.

Leadership Committee members commit to contributing at least $1,800 per two-year election cycle through the PAC to endorsed candidates and/or directly to Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC:

  • Champions - $50,000+
  • Advocates - $25,000+
  • Advisors - $10,000+
  • Partners - $5,000+
  • Friends - $1,800+

Please contact if you have questions regarding political or candidate contributions, or would like more information about joining our PAC Leadership Committee.



Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC supports candidates who will fight for a more just America

In 2020, we’re working to push white nationalism out of the halls of power — and elect leaders who will fight for a country for all of us.

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