We're building a country
for all of us.

  • Our work has an impact

    "Bend the Arc's PAC endorsed my campaign [in 2022], and it made a huge difference. Our primary was hard-fought, and we won by less than a point. Without the help of Bend the Arc and the coalition of organizations and people who came together alongside me, I might not have won."

    — Summer Lee, PA-12 

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  • We advance the progressive values that the majority of Jewish voters believe in

    Jewish voters are overwhelmingly driven by progressive domestic issues — but too many people still incorrectly believe that we are single-issue voters focused only on foreign policy.

    Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC is correcting the record: out of 40+ Jewish PACs, we’re the only one focused exclusively on the domestic issues that motivate the majority of Jewish voters. We’re working to elect candidates who share our progressive and Jewish values, and who are committed to building a country that’s truly for all of us.

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  • We’re building progressive power in Congress

    We need a strong movement, both in and out of Congress, to fight for a country free from white supremacy, antisemitism, and racism, where Black liberation is realized, and all people are thriving.

    That’s why we support candidates who will deepen the progressive bench — and aren’t afraid to fight for a future that’s truly for all of us.

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  • We’re fighting for our democracy

    We have the power to determine the outcome of the 2024 election. When the 2024 election is over, we could see the MAGA movement soundly defeated, a continued stalemate, or the terrifying prospect of a Trump Presidency enabled by an undivided Republican Congress and empowered by a right-wing Supreme Court.

    The stakes couldn’t be higher, and we’re throwing our weight behind candidates whose races will make or break the balance of power in Washington.

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  • Why donate to candidates through Bend the Arc Jewish Action PAC?

    In today’s political reality, campaign contributions are among the most effective methods of reaching elected officials.

    When you support candidates through our PAC, you are giving politicians more than a check. You are letting them know that you support them as part of a progressive American Jewish community — and that you expect them to work for policies that will make this a country where Black liberation is real and all people are safe.

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How supporting our candidates builds
a more just America

You donate to help our diverse, progressive candidates win key elections.

They win! Our members build relationships and advocate for systemic change.

Our champions in Congress represent our values, change the narrative, and pass legislation.

Together, we shift the balance of power and build a country where everyone can thrive.

Our values

What we are fighting for

Dismantling White Nationalism & Antisemitism

Antisemitism is central to the machinery of fear used by right-wing politicians in attempts to divide us, strip our civil rights and liberties, and build authoritarian power. We understand that the most effective way to fight antisemitism is to dismantle white supremacy in solidarity with all who are impacted, marginalize the white nationalist movement, and build a country where everyone can live with freedom and safety.

Black Liberation

Black-led movements for equality, equity, and justice have made and continue to make the U.S. a safer and more democratic country for everyone, including our multiracial Jewish community. The path toward equitable multiracial democracy must include a real reckoning with our nation’s history and a radical reimagination of public safety, including community-based alternatives.

Civil Rights

We believe in the voting rights of all citizens. We believe in LGBTQ equality. And we believe that civil rights are not contingent on race, faith, gender, sexual orientation, or class. None of us will be free until all of us are free.

Economic Justice

The historic levels of wealth inequality in our country are an urgent and unsustainable moral crisis with corrosive impacts on our democracy. We’re working to create an economy with livable wages, paid family leave, and other basic economic rights for all.

Immigrant Justice

Our people have experienced a long history as immigrants, refugees, and slaves. We’re fighting for the rights and dignity of all immigrants, demanding an end to mass detention and deportation and calling out the right’s dangerous scapegoating of immigrants.

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