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Texas's 35th District

Greg Casar


As a former labor organizer, Rep. Greg Casar fights for an economy that works for working families, not big corporations. The proud son of Mexican immigrants, he has passed policies to protect families from being separated, and is a champion for civil rights and voting rights for all people. He is an original co-sponsor of the Women’s Health Protection Act to restore abortion rights to all Texans, the PRO Act to expand worker rights, and Medicare For All to win health care as a basic right. He supports the Green New Deal, and is committed to creating union jobs in the clean energy economy. His office has secured millions of dollars in funds for veterans, seniors, and everyday constituents.

Before coming to Congress, he served as a member of the Austin City Council, where he led the successful efforts to: clear the decades-long backlog of sexual assault evidence, close inexcusable tax loopholes for the wealthiest, finally funding affordable housing and public transportation, and keep the East Austin Planned Parenthood open despite attacks by right-wing

He serves on the Agriculture and Oversight Committees and is the Whip of The Congressional Progressive Caucus.

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