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Michigan’s 11th Congressional District

Haley Stevens


Rep. Haley Stevens was first elected to Michigan’s 11th district in 2018, flipping this seat from Red to Blue and making her one of the nation’s youngest lawmakers. Before joining the House, she served under former President Obama as the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry, responsible for stabilizing the auto industry and saving hundreds of thousands of Michigan jobs. 

Haley was elected by her peers as co-president of her House Democratic freshman class. She has been a key leader advocating for workers and families, cosponsoring the Raise the Wage Act, focused on raising the federal minimum wage,and the FAMILY Act, which creates a national paid leave family program. The Congresswoman remains a strong advocate for unions, women, innovation, manufacturing, and gun reform. Rep. Stevens currently sits on the House Committees on Education & Labor and Science, Space, & Technology, where she also serves as Chairwoman of the Research & Technology Subcommittee. On these committees, she fights to protect access to healthcare, defend a woman’s right to choose, and increase investment in critical research and development. 

Note: Regarding the competitive primary race between Reps. Levin and Stevens, we’d like to take a moment to explain our decision to make our first dual endorsement and support both candidates. We know and want to name that this race is contentious within the foreign policy community, especially in regards to Israel policy. That said, this does not factor into Bend the Arc’s decision making for endorsement, as our focus is solely on domestic policy issues. In closely reviewing both candidate’s answers to our questions on our priority issues of racial and economic justice, policing, immigration, and civil rights, we determined that both candidates met our criteria for endorsement. Endorsing Rep. Levin and Rep. Stevens enables our members to support the candidate of their choice through our PAC.

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